3DABC is a 26 app Alphabetic package

3DABC is a 26 app Alphabetic package for children aged 2-10.
Each page from A to Z is fun in a unique way, making 3DABC the best value for kids,with 26 apps in one package.
Its all in 3D so everything can be moved around by touch, and with each page differently made, it becomes fun to discover what is contained within each page.


-Everything in this app is made in 3D , so everything is able to be moved around and interacted with by touch.
-Some characters are able to speak and dance unique combinations. Our talking zebra can speak over 50,000 different sentences and our tap-dancing ice-cream is able to dance over 50,000 different dance sequences.
-Some pages have interactive play animals that do or say something different everytime you touch them.
-Most pages have things that are able to be colored in a wide range of bizarre color combinations, and because of the randomised selection process for animations and colors, each page will perform differently every time it is read.

All the animated sequences can either be activated by touching the relevant object, the main letter, or the colored buttons.
Just about everything in it can be coloured in unusual ways and animated merely by touching them. Its perfect for young’uns!