Step into the immersive world of the KIAverse, where you, the player, are entrusted with a monumental mission – to revive Earth from the brink of environmental decay. Your journey begins with a series of captivating missions, each crucial to the restoration of our planet.

Navigate the intricate challenges as you embark on a quest to revive Mother Earth. Your primary objectives: rejuvenate life-sustaining ecosystems by meticulously fixing and activating a cutting-edge water desalination plant. Dive deep into the heart of technological ingenuity, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles to bring this essential facility back online.

But the path to salvation is riddled with obstacles, and standing in your way is a nefarious network of dirty oil energy infrastructure, guarded by relentless autonomous robots. Gear up for intense battles as you strategize and unleash your skills to dismantle these mechanical defenders. Your mission is not only to destroy, but to liberate the Earth from the shackles of destructive energy sources.

Every decision you make in the KIAverse shapes the fate of our planet. Will you emerge victorious, breathing life back into Earth’s veins, or succumb to the challenges that threaten our existence? The KIAverse awaits your heroics – an exhilarating gameplay experience that transcends the ordinary, offering a chance to be the savior our world so desperately needs.

After winning the game, the landscape is revegetated

Original anime and camera movement design