I have been the Team Lead for a WebGL game made for Kia (Deutsch) to coincide with launch of their new electric SUV the Kia EV9.

As part of this process, I directed a team of 8 ( programmers, artists and unity developers) , and:

  1. Created concept art and Powerpoint for presentation of initial idea
  2. Designed the game and created a Game Design Document.
  3. Created functioning prototype code for all the systems ( later refactored )
  4. Created animated UI system using Canvas for design and Toolkit for build
  5. Integrated OpenAI api for a self initiated Ai text to paint system for vehicles
  6. Created a blendShapes morphing and baking system for unique vehicle design
  7. Incorporated Photon Fusion Multiplayer system in conjunction with Unity Gaming Services ( later removed )
  8. Created Animator/Animation system for weaponized autonomous robots
  9. Designed unique camera system