steamtrains explained

A version of SuperTrains for small kids which involves driving a train around collecting wagons, non-competitively and without the possibility of failure.

SteamTrains is a fun new app for kids aged from 3- 12.Small kids can watch the trains race around the railroad!Its all made in 3D so you can see everything from all angles. Its just like playing with the real thing !
The SteamTrains have properly functioning wheel mechanisms and race around the scenic landscape at high speed. It can all be viewed from different positions just by clicking the camera button.
There are very simple games for small kids which involves driving a train around a railroad. The train can be driven as fast as you like and its course can be changed by clicking on the junction points matching buttons.
For older kids there are more difficult games that involves trying to collect as many wagons as possible from around the traintrack.
Loads of fun for kids !