surrealizer explained

I was inspired to make this Video FX app after seeing some photoshopped images on social media. I though that I could make an app that would automatically be able to make those effects and be able animate the effect AND use video ! ( much harder ).

Published on IOS and MacOS .

Surrealizer is the latest and greatest thing to happen to video and photo FX !There are 16+ unique effects that absolutely cannot be found anywhere else.Simply load video or photos from your iPhone/iPad photo library, and then when you have your settings the way you like it, save it back. Manipulate the screen while it is recording!Intuitive and easy to understand controls.
There are :•the classic surrealizer effect•tunnelizer•planetizer•binocculus•facets•spiralizer•fisheye•warp•pixelator•hyperion•coloriser•random coloriser•procedural•flags•dotti•escherizer

Turn ordinary footage into surreal landscapes and upload to social media.
*** keep it unreal….with the SURREALIZER***